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A R A N K A   S L A V Í K O V Á

You found yourself on a website (hereinafter “the website”), that is run by our company

NALBRA s.r.o., se sídlem Raisova 2595, 415 01 Teplice,

IČ: 05480451,

Not subject to VAT

Registered in business register maintained at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, section C, insertion 38241

Address for service: NALBRA s.r.o., Raisova 2595, 415 01 Teplice

Telephone number: 00420 728 860 225 - for czech and italian speakers
00420 773 934 504 (viber) - for russian speakers
00420 608 047 654 - for english speakers

Contact e-mail:

Please consider, notwithstanding if you shop, register or just browse our website it is needed to follow the stated rules that outline and specify terms of use of all functional components of the website.

  1. Registration on the website

You can register on the website by use of registration document available on the website. You need to fill in the needed information in the registration document, mainly the name, the last name and a contact e-mail. By registering your user account is made.

For accessing the user account you need username and password. Keep your login information secret and secure. We do not take any responsibility for any damage caused by abuse of the user account by third party.

Information stated in the registration must be true and complete. Account, that was created with false or incomplete information, can be canceled without compensation.

In a case of any changes to your information we recommend changing them in your user account without any hesitation.

Through the user account you can in particular order goods, check on the orders and manage the user account. Any other functions of the user account are listed on the website.

Please consider that we have a right to cancel your user account without compensation, if your account was used for breaches of good manners, valid legislation or the Terms of Use.

  1. Protection of personal data

By filling in the order or by registering on the website you are providing us some of your personal data. Furthermore while using our website, the data, that we have access to, are being gathered, kept and processed. By entering your personal data and by using the website you agree to processing and gathering of your personal data in further extent and to further stated use, untill you expressively disagree with this kind of process.

Protection of personal data is very important to us. Therefore we deal with the data in accordance to legislation of the Czech Republic, namely with the law no. 101/2000 SB., of protection of personal data, as amended (hereinafter “ LPPOD”).

  1. What are personal and other data?

Personal data are those data that you are willingly giving to us by filling up the orders or registrations. Personal data means any information that identifies or can identify a specific person. Personal data are specifically, but not exclusively, first and last name, photo, date of birth, email address and home address or phone number.

Other data, that we gather automatically in the connection with using the website are Ip address, type of a browser, device and operating system, period and number of accesses on the website, information gathered through cookies files and other information of similar nature. Please note that these and similar data can be gathered even without a registration and whether you shop on the website or not.

    1. How the personal and other data are used?

Through the personal and other data we are in particular allowing you access to your account and the easiest way of browsing our website.

Data are also used for communication concerning the management of your account and user support. Data can be used for improving our services including the use of user behaviour on the website analysis .

Data can be used for commercial and marketing means, that is for keeping a database of users of the website and for offering the goods and services for indefinite period. By sending the order or by registering you agree to sending the commercial notifications by all electronic means.

Agreement to sending the commercial notifications and emails for the purpose of direct marketing can be canceled anytime by sending an email to our contact email address.

    1. How do we deal with and process your personal data?

We are the administrators of personal data in the sense of LPPOD and we are recorded in register of Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Office of personal data protection) under a registration number 00072121 / 001.

We may authorize a third party as a processor for processing your personal and other data.

Personal and other gathered data are fully protected from abuse.

Personal data will be being processed for indefinite period. Personal data will be processed in a automated electronic form or in a non-automated written form.

    1. To who we hand over your data?

We do not hand over your personal data to any other person. The only exception is external carriers and persons involved in the delivery of goods or services. To those persons are your data in a minimal range, that is only necessary for the delivery of the goods or services.

    1. What are your rights in regards to your personal data?

You have a right to access to your personal data and a right for data and its processing (information about the purpose of the processing, information about source of these data and information about a receiver). These informations will be handled to you without hesitation on demand. Furthermore you have a right for editing your personal data and other legal rights for these data.

Based on your written request we will delete your personal data from our database.

If you believe that we or a processor of personal data are processing your personal data in contrary to the law, you can:

To protect your personal data we will try to reach out to you as much as we can. If, however, you will not be satisfied with the process, you have a right to contact the competent authorities, in particular Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Office of personal data protection). By this statement you are not stripped off your right to contact the Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Office of personal data protection) with your subject directly.

For providing the information about the personal date we can ask for an adequate payment not exceeding the costs necessary for providing the informations.

Supervision over the protection of personal data is performed by Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Office of personal data protection;

We and possible proccesor of personal data have a legal adress in Czech Republic.

  1. Google company services and cookies files

Website is using so called “ cookies” due to its activity. Webiste is also using Google Analytics service and on occasion also other services of Google, Inc. (hereinafter “ Google”). Use of the cookies is also applied in the frame of these services.

  1. What are cookies and how do you express your approval for using them?

Cookies are text files saved in a computer or other electronic device of any website visitor, which allow us to analyse ways of using the website.

By ticking the agreement on the website you are agreeing to use of the cookie files and also with processing of your data by Google and us, in the way and means detailed on the website.

    1. Can you prevent cookie files from saving into your computer?

Use of the cookie files can be declined in the according settings of your web browser.

We want to warn you, that if you are to decline the use of cookie files, some functions of the website may not be available to you.

    1. How does Google use the gathered data?

If you are interested in how Google uses your data, you can find more information on this topic by clicking on this link: Jak Google využívá data, když používáte weby nebo aplikace našich partnerů.

  1. Protection of copyright

Content of the website (texts, pictures, photos, logos etc.), including a programming tools of the website and these conditions, is protected by our copyright and can be protected by other rights of other persons. Content can not be changed, copied, multiplied, shared nor can it be used for any purpose without our or copyright holder approval. In particular it is forbidden to provide, paid or not, the access to photos and texts placed on the website.

Names and labels of products, services, companies and firms can be registered by commercial marks of the relevant owners.

  1. What steps do we take if the copyrights are breached?

By not respecting the above mentioned prohibition we will proceed in accordance with law no. 121/2000 Sb., copyright law, as amended.

We as a copyright holders have a particular right to demand for not breaching our copyrights and to demand for withdrawal of unrightful copies of protected content.

Furthermore we have a right to ask for an appropriate reparation for the caused harm.

  1. Other relations related to the use of the website.

    1. Please note that clicking on some links on the website can lead to leaving the website and redirection to third parties websites.

    2. We have no responsibility for any mistakes caused by third party actions towards the website or caused by using the website in breach of its purpose. While using the website you are not allowed to use mechanisms, programm tools, scripts or anything that can have a negative effect on a function of the website, that is foremost, disrupting the system function or inappropriately overloading the system and furthermore you are not allowed to do any activity that could get you or a third party unrightful access to use the programming tools or any other parts included in the website programming and using these parts in contrary to the website’s purpose.

    3. We can not guarantee you an uninterrupted access to the website, nor the safety and security of the website. We have no responsibility for any harm taken in the process of access and use of the website, including any harm cause by downloading data released on the website, harm caused by an interruption of an operation, harm caused by computer virus, harm caused by loss of data, income or unauthorized access to data transfer.

    4. If you commit any illegal or unethical act, we have a right to reduce, to interrupt or to end your access to our website, without any compensation. In that case, you are also obliged to pay for the proven harm that your act has caused according to this paragraph, in full amount.

These conditions are valid and effective since 15.05.2017